If I get… 20 notes, I will go to Grand Valley’s Quidditch dance and….

I made a fool of myself at MSU’s Yule Ball by being a hopeless romantic so how the hell can I top that? Get almost-naked. Yeah. 

Help me help you by me getting naked in-front of you.

Also, come to our dance. 

IF you don’t come, you won’t see it in-person! 

You know you want to see Glenn naked in public.

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    Yes come and we can meet!
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    Only if you come get me and drive me back and it’s not the 22nd or 23rd and I don’t have to pay more than $5. So I...
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    Veronica, you should definitely come.
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    Fucking tossers ruining our team. Why do we even let these loonies play?
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    Well I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle this.
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    I was note #20
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    As long as HPA doesn’t get in trouble for your indecent exposure, I am totally ok with this. :P
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    If this doesn’t get twenty notes, I quit.
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